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Parts and Functions

These topics illustrate your phone’s primary parts and key functions.

Note: Your phone's screens and apps layouts are subject to change. This user guide uses sample images only.

Phone Layout

The following illustration outlines your phone’s primary external features and keys.

Front View

illustration of phone front with callouts




Listen to calls and automated prompts when using the phone.

Front camera

Takes pictures and records videos while facing the screen, and allows you to video conference.

Iris recognition camera

Scans your iris as a security feature.

Power key

Turn the phone or screen on or off, or switch your phone to Emergency mode.

Back key back key

Return you to the previous screen, or close a dialog box, options menu, the notification panel, or keyboard.

Home key/fingerprint sensor home key

Return you to the home screen. Press and hold to open Google™ Search/Google Now™. Use to register fingerprints for security.

Recent apps key back key

Access recently used apps.


Display information needed to operate your phone, such as the call status, the Contacts list, and the date and time. Also provides one-tap access to all of your features and applications.

Volume keys

Adjust the ringtone or media volume or adjust the voice volume during a call.

Status light

Display a light when the battery is charging or fully charged, when a notification arrives, or when recording voice

Iris recognition LED

Illuminate your eyes for the Iris scanner.

Proximity sensors

Detect the presence of objects near the device.

Back View

illustration of phone rear with callouts



SIM card/Memory card tray

Location of the SIM card and memory card (not included).


Help illuminate subjects in low-light environments when the camera is focusing and capturing a picture or video.

Heart rate monitor

Measure your heart rate using your fingertip when using the S Health™ app. For more information, see S Health.

Headset jack

Plug in a headset for convenient, hands-free conversations.

USB charger/accessory port

Connect the phone to the charger using a USB cable.


Transmit your voice for phone calls or record your voice or ambient sounds for voice recordings and videos.

S Pen

Stores the S Pen™.

Rear camera

Take pictures and videos.


Play ringtones and sounds. The speaker also lets you hear the caller’s voice in speakerphone mode.

Caution: Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the phone.