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Direct Pen Input

When filling out a form field in an app (like Name or Number in Contacts), you can open a Handwriting window to allow you to write an entry with the S Pen rather than type.

To use the Handwriting window:

  1. When filling out a form field, hover the S Pen over the field until the Handwriting s pen handwriting icon icon appears.
  2. Tap Handwriting s pen handwriting icon. The Handwriting window appears.
  3. Use the space provided in the window to write an entry by hand using the S Pen. While writing, your entries are converted into text.
  • To edit the converted text, use the Space, Delete, and Enter icons. To change the position of the cursor, drag the pointer below the cursor to the desired position for editing.
  • In Messages, tap Drawing mode to draw an image and attach it to your message.
  1. When finished, tap Done.