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Camera Overview

The camera's viewfinder screen lets you view your subject and access camera controls and options.

screenshot of camera viewfinder with callouts

  • camera beauty face icon Portrait: Adjust skin tone of faces.
  • gallery app icon Gallery: View your picture or video in the Gallery application.
  • start recording icon Capture picture: Take a picture.
  • record icon Record video: Begin recording video.
  • camera modes or effects icon Camera, Modes, or Effects: Swipe right to change the shooting mode. Swipe left to add an effects filter.
  • switch cameras icon Switch cameras: Switch between the rear camera and the front camera.
  • camera hdr icon HDR Auto: Enable the light sensitivity and color depth features of the device to produce a brighter and richer picture.
  • camera flash icon Flash: Activate or deactivate the flash. Toggle through flash options—on, auto, or off (rear camera only).
  • configure settings icon Camera settings: Opens the camera settings menu and lets you change additional camera settings. See Camera Settings.

Learn More About Your Phone's Camera

For an overview of your phone's camera and its features, you can access more information through the camera settings menu.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Camera camera app icon.

    screenshot of camera viewfinder in portrait
  • The camera viewfinder appears.
  1. Tap Settings settings icon > Help, and tap a topic to learn more.

    screenshot of camera help menu