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Always On Display

See important information without unlocking the screen. You can select an image or information to show on the standby screen. Double-tap a notification icon to view that notification.

Note: If you double-tap a notification and a screen lock is enabled, you are prompted to unlock your device.

  1. From home, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Display display icon.
  2. Tap Always On Display.

    screenshot of always on display setting
  3. Tap On/Off to enable the feature, and then set the following options:
  • Layouts: Choose a layout for the standby screen. The following options are available:
  • Content to show: Choose to show Clock, Calendar, or Image.
  • Show notifications: Enable or disable showing notification icons on the standby screen.
  • Format: Choose a format for the content selected. You can change the color and background image by selecting a format.
  • Set schedule: Choose when to start and end Always On Display.
  • About Always On Display: View the current software version and license information.