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Air Command

Air command allows you to quickly activate frequently‑used applications or perform actions.

  • To launch the Air command menu, remove the S Pen from the S Pen slot, hold the S Pen near the screen so that the pointer appears, and then press the S Pen button once.

    screenshot of air command main screen
  • Create note: Launch a new note in the Samsung Notes app.
  • Smart select: Draw around an area of the screen to collect it in the Gallery app.
  • Screen write: Capture screenshots and write or draw on them.
  • Translate: Hover the S Pen over a word to see it translated into another language and listen to its pronunciation.
  • Add shortcuts: Add up to three apps and functions to the Air command menu.
  • air command settings icon Settings: Customize your Air command by adding apps and functions, and changing how it appears.

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