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About Device

The About device menu lets you access important phone information, search for and apply updates, and view legal and safety information.

About Device Overview

The following About device items may be reviewed or set:

About Device Item


Software version

View your current software version.

Hardware version

View your hardware version.


Check your phone’s status.

  • Battery status and level
  • SIM card status (network, signal strength, mobile network type, service state, roaming, mobile network state, and phone number)
  • IMEI information (MIN, PRL version, MEID, IMEI, IMEISV, and ICCID)
  • IP address
  • Wi-Fi MAC address
  • Bluetooth address
  • Up time
  • Device status
Legal information

Review various types of important legal information, including Open source licenses, Google legal information, System WebView licenses, Wallpapers, Samsung legal information, and the Privacy Alert.

Device name

Change the name of your device (other devices see this name when using Mobile hotspot or Bluetooth).

Model number

Check the phone’s model number.

Android version

Check the Android version number.

Android security patch level

Check the Android security patch level.

Baseband version

Check the phone’s baseband version.

Kernel version

Check the phone’s kernel version.

Build number

Check the current phone build number.

SE for Android status

Check the phone's SE for Android status.

Security software version

Check the phone's security software version.

KNOX version

Check the current KNOX version.

FCC certification

Check the phone's FCC certification.


Check the phone's voltage rating.

Battery capacity

Check the phone's battery capacity.

Access About Device Options

  1. From the home screen, tap Apps all apps icon > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap About device about device icon.

    screenshot of about device
  3. Select or view available options.
  • Your phone information is displayed.