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Storage Settings

The Storage settings menu lets you manage internal and optional installed SD card (not included) storage on your phone.

Storage Settings Overview

The storage settings menu allows you to configure the following options:

Storage Device


More options options icon > Storage settings > Internal storage

  • Total space: View the total space/free space in your phone’s memory.
  • Available space: The amount of storage space currently available.
  • System memory: The minimum amount of storage space required to run the system.
  • Used space: The amount of storage space currently being used.
  • Other: The space used by app data, downloaded files, and Android system files.
  • Cached data: The amount of data currently cached.
  • Explore: Launch My Files to view content stored on your device.

More options options icon > Storage settings > SD card

Note: This category is available only if an optional SD card is installed.

  • Unmount: Unmount the SD card to safely remove it.
  • Mount: Mount the SD card before use.
  • Format: Delete all data on the SD card.

Access Storage Settings

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Device maintenance device maintenance settings icon.

    screenshot of device management
  2. Tap Storage.

    screenshot of device management storage
  3. View memory usage for the different types of information stored in your phone’s memory. Tap an item for more information.

Note: Tap Clean now to free up storage space by removing unneeded files.