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Send a Multimedia Message (MMS)

When you need to add a little more to a text message, you can send a multimedia message (MMS) with pictures, voice recordings, audio or video files, contact cards (vCard), or appointments (vCalendar).

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Messages messages icon.
  2. On the Messaging screen, tap Compose new message compose message icon.
  3. To add recipients, you can:
  • Enter phone numbers directly in the Recipient field. If you are sending the message to several phone numbers, separate the phone numbers with a comma. As you enter information, any matching phone numbers from your contacts list are displayed. Tap a match to enter that number or address directly.
  • Tap Add from Contacts message recipients icon, and then select the contacts to whom you want to send the message. You can also select contact groups as recipients. When you have selected all the message recipients, tap Done.
  1. Tap the Enter message field, and then start composing your message.

    screenshot of composing new message
  2. Tap Attach attachment icon.
  3. In the Attach window, select from the following file attachments:
  • Camera: Take a new picture.
  • Gallery: Attach a picture from the Gallery app.
  • Other: Select from the following sources:
  • Image: Attach a stored picture. See View Pictures and Videos Using Gallery.
  • Video: Attach a stored video. See Record Videos.
  • Audio: Attach a stored music file or voice recording.
  • Record audio: Make a voice recording and attach it.
  • Samsung Notes: Attach a note. See Samsung Notes.
  • Calendar: Select the calendar event you want to attach. See Calendar.
  • Location: Add your current location (requires GPS to be turned on) or a location you pick on a map to your message. See Google Maps.
  • Contacts: Select a contact from your phone, and then select which contact information you want to attach. See Contacts.
  1. Tap Send send message icon to send the MMS message.

Create a Slideshow

In a multimedia message, you can add slides, each containing a picture, video, or audio.

  1. In the multimedia message you are composing, tap Menu messsages menu icon > Create slideshow to add space for a new slide.
  2. Tap the space for the slide.
  3. To compose your slideshow, do any of the following:
  • Add a picture: Tap Attach attachment icon > Image and select a picture.
  • Add a video: Tap Attach attachment icon > Video and select a video. (You cannot add both a picture and a video on the same slide.)
  • Add music or a voice recording: Tap Attach attachment icon > Audio and select a file.
  • Add a new slide: Tap More options options icon > Add slide.
  • View the next or previous slide: Tap up or down.
  • Preview your slideshow: Tap More options options icon > Preview.
  • For more options: Tap More options options icon and select an option.
  1. When you have finished composing the multimedia message, tap Send send message icon.

Tip: To compose a slide show, you can also simply attach multiple items separately to the MMS message. Tap Attach attachment icon and select a file type, location, and file and then repeat it for additional slides. Your phone will automatically compile a slide show.