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Receive Information Using Bluetooth

Your phone is capable of receiving a wide variety of file types with Bluetooth, including pictures, music tracks, and documents such as PDFs.

  1. When another device attempts to send a file to your phone using Bluetooth, you will see a request to accept the file.
  2. Tap Accept.
  • The file is sent to your phone.
  • When your phone receives a file, you will see a notification. To open the file immediately, pull down the status bar to display the notification panel, and then tap the notification.
  • When you open a received file, what happens next depends on the file type:
  • Media files and documents are usually opened directly in a compatible application. For example, if you open a music track, it starts playing in the Music application.
  • For a vCalendar file, select the calendar where you want to save the event, and then tap Import. The vCalendar is added to your Calendar events. (For more information on using the Calendar, see Calendar.)
  • For a vCard contact file, if there are multiple vCard files on your storage card, you can choose to import one, several, or all of those contacts to your contacts list.