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Other Advanced Features Settings

Configure other useful features. For example, you can control certain device actions by picking up the device and by touching the screen with the palm of your hand or turning over the device.

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Advanced features advanced features settings icon.

    screenshot of advanced features settings
  2. Tap On/Off to enable or disable each of the following.
  • Quick launch Camera: Open the Camera by quickly pressing the Home key twice.
  • Direct call: Call the contact whose call log, message, or contact details are currently on the screen by bringing the device close to your ear.
  • Smart alert: Set the device to vibrate when you pick it up to notify you about missed calls and messages.
  • Easy mute: Mute sounds and video by covering the screen or turning over the device.
  • Send SOS messages: Send a quick alert to your primary contacts when you are in an emergency situation by pressing the Power/Lock key quickly three times.
  • Send messages to: Add recipients by creating new contacts or selecting from Contacts.
  • Attach pictures: Send pictures to your emergency contacts.
  • Attach audio recording: Send a short audio message to your emergency contacts.
  • Direct share: Share content with specific people directly using the sharing panel from within any app.