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In-Call Screen Layout and Operations

While you are on a call, you will see a number of options.

In-Call Screen Layout

  • Tap options to activate them during a call.

    screenshot of phone call in progress
  • Add call: Initiate a conference call (3-way call).
  • Merge: Join two currently active calls (conference).
  • Extra volume: Increase the call volume.
  • Bluetooth: Route the phone’s audio through a connected Bluetooth headset (On) or through the speaker (Off).
  • When the call is routed to a Bluetooth headset, the current call area shows the Bluetooth call icon bluetooth communicating status icon.

Note: The Headset button is activated to show the current call is routed to the connected Bluetooth headset (not included).

  • To route the current call back to the phone, tap Headset to temporarily use the phone. Tap it again to route the call back to the connected Bluetooth headset.
  • Speaker: Route the phone’s audio through the speaker (On) or through the earpiece (Off).
  • Activate Speaker to route the phone’s audio through the speaker. (You can adjust the speaker volume using the Volume key.)
  • Deactivate Speaker to use the phone’s earpiece.

Warning: Because of higher volume levels, do not place the phone near your ear during speakerphone use.

  • Keypad/Hide: Toggle the appearance of the onscreen keypad. Show the keypad to enter additional numbers, for example, an extension or access code.
  • For example: When you call your bank’s 800 number, use the keypad to enter your account number and PIN.
  • Mute: Mute the microphone during an active call. Tap again to unmute the microphone.

Note: If Mute is activated, the speaker mode is deactivated.

  • End end call icon: End the current call.
  • Tap More options options icon during a call to display a list of additional in-call features:
  • Contacts: Display your Contacts list.
  • Message: Send a text or multimedia message while remaining on the call.
  • Memo: Create a new memo while remaining on the call.
  • Calendar: View your calendar while remaining on the call.