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Google Maps

Use the Google Maps app to determine your location, find directions, browse local businesses and attractions, rate and review places, and more.

Enable Location Services on Your Phone

Before using any location-based services, you must enable your phone’s location feature. For information about setting your phone’s location options, see Location Settings.

View Maps of Specified Places

Use Google Maps to locate and map a specific address or destination.

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Google google folder icon > Maps google maps app icon.

    screenshot of maps
  • Google Maps opens.
  • If prompted, follow the prompts to accept terms of use.
  1. Tap the Search field to start a search.
  2. Enter an address, city, facility name, etc., and then tap a candidate in the results list.
  • A map of the specified location opens.

Google Maps Operations

  • View Current Location: From the Maps app, tap Location maps my location icon.
  • Obtain Useful Area Information for Current Location: From the Maps app, tap the Search field, enter the information you are looking for, and then tap a result to view it.
  • View Traffic Information, Aerial Photos, Etc., in Maps: From the Maps app, tap Menu menu icon and then tap Traffic, Satellite, Google Earth, etc.
  • Check Route to Destination: From the Maps app, tap Route maps route icon, enter your current location and your destination, tap a method of transport (car, public transit, bicycle, or on foot), and then tap Search for route.
  • Route candidates appear in a list.
  • Check Detailed Operation for Maps: From the Maps app, tap Menu menu icon > Help.