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Gmail Settings

You can access settings for the Gmail app and for your individual Gmail accounts from the Gmail Settings menu.

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Google google folder icon > Gmail gmail app icon.
  • The Primary Inbox opens.
  1. Tap Menu gmail menu icon > Settings gmail settings icon.

    screenshot of gmail account menu screenshot of gmail settings
  2. Tap General settings to access settings for all accounts, or tap an account name to configure settings for a specific Gmail account.
  • General settings: Gmail default action, Conversation view, Swipe actions, Sender image, Reply all, Auto-fit messages, Auto advance, Confirm before deleting, Confirm before archiving, and Confirm before sending.
  • Account settings: Inbox type, Inbox categories, Notifications, Inbox sound & vibrate, Signature, Vacation responder, Sync Gmail, Days of mail to sync, Manage labels, Download attachments, and Images.

Note: Available settings are subject to change.