Using the Gallery application, you can view pictures and watch videos that you have taken with your phone’s camera or downloaded.

You can do basic editing such as rotating and cropping. You can also set a picture as your contact picture or wallpaper and share pictures with your friends.

While viewing pictures in the Gallery, scroll up the screen to view more albums. Simply tap an album to view the photos or videos in that album.

If you have downloaded any photos and videos, these will be placed in the All downloads album.

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Gallery gallery app icon.

    screenshot of gallery albums
  • The Gallery app opens.
  1. From the main Gallery screen, you can use the following options:
  • Tap a picture or video to display it in full screen view.
  • Touch and hold thumbnails to select them (indicated by a checkmark).
  • Tap the drop-down list in the upper-left corner (Time is the default view) to choose another display style. You can view by Albums, Events, Categories, or Locations.
  • Tap Camera to launch the Camera to take pictures or record video.
  • Tap More options more options icon for other options. Available options depend on which Gallery screen you are viewing, and may include:
  • Edit: Depending on the view, tap albums or items to select them. After selection, you can tap More again for options you can use with the selected item(s).
  • Share: Share albums, pictures, or videos.
  • Animate: Create an animation from several pictures.
  • Collage: Create a collage from several pictures.
  • Create album: Create a new album in the Albums view.
  • Create story: Create a story from several pictures in the Stories view.

For more information about using Gallery, see View Pictures and Videos Using Gallery, Edit Pictures, and Share Pictures and Videos.