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Exchange ActiveSync Email Features

Set options for your corporate Exchange ActiveSync email messages, including synchronization options, flagging messages, out-of-office messages, meeting requests, and message priority.

To access Exchange ActiveSync settings:

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Samsung samsung folder icon > Email email icon.
  2. Tap More options options icon > Settings.
  3. Tap the Exchange ActiveSync account name to view its options.
  • The following options are available:
  • Sync account: Keep the account synchronized on your phone.
  • Account name: Change the account name.
  • Your name: Enter your name.
  • Always Cc/Bcc myself: Send a copy of each email you send to yourself.
  • Signature: Enable and configure your signature for each email you send.
  • Show images: Show all images in emails.
  • Auto download attachments: Automatically download attachments when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Sync schedule: Configure a schedule for syncing your email account.
  • Period to sync Email: Configure how far back in time you want to sync your email account.
  • Limit retrieval size: Set a limit to the size of email messages you want to receive on your phone.
  • Limit retrieval size while roaming: Set a different email size limit when your phone is on roaming.
  • Out of office settings: You can set your Out of Office status and auto-reply message right from your phone.
  • Folder sync settings: Select which email folders to sync with the server.
  • Period to sync Calendar: Set the time period for syncing your calendar with the server.
  • Empty server trash: Delete the content of the trash folder on the server.
  • In case of sync conflict: Select whether the device or the server has priority during a sync conflict.
  • Sync Contacts: Sync your Contacts with your Exchange account.
  • Sync Calendar: Sync your calendar with your Exchange account.
  • Sync Task: Sync your tasks with your Exchange account.
  • Sync Messages: Sync your messages with your Exchange account.
  • Security options: Manage encryption and signature options for outgoing email.
  • Exchange server settings: Modify the Exchange server settings for this email account.