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Default Applications

Set or clear default applications for certain built-in features of the phone.

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Applications applications settings icon.
  2. Tap More options more options icon > Default applications.

    screenshot of default apps
  3. Tap each default setting to see what services or applications are available to set as the default.
  • Browser app: Choose a default browser app.
  • Calling app: Choose a default calling app.
  • Messaging app: Choose a default messaging (text and multimedia) app.
  • Default app selection: Choose whether to have the phone set default apps automatically or to have the phone ask before setting default apps.
  • Set as default: Select a different app to open related files.
  • Home screen: Choose a Home screen type.
  • Device assistance app: Choose an app that provides assistance for using your device.

Note: If you choose a default messaging app other than Messages, you will not be able to use the Messages app unless you restore it as the default messaging app.