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Data Usage Settings

The data usage menu lets you view your phone’s mobile and Wi-Fi data usage, set data limits, restrict hotspot usage, and more.

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Settings settings app icon > Connections connections settings icon.
  2. Tap Data usage.

    screenshot of data usage
  • The data usage window opens.
  1. Data usage settings operations:
  • Data usage cycle: Tap the drop-down menu, and then choose a time period for data usage. Data usage for the period is displayed on the graph, along with usage by application at the bottom of the screen.
  • Mobile data: Enable or disable mobile data.
  • Limit mobile data usage: Your mobile data connection is turned off when the specified limit is reached.
  • Alert me about data usage: Receive an alert when your mobile data usage reaches the amount you selected.
  • By application: View data usage by application.
  1. Tap More options more options icon for the following options:
  • Restrict background data: Restrict some apps and services from working unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Show/Hide Wi-Fi usage: Display or hide a Wi‑Fi tab that shows Wi-Fi usage.
  • Restrict networks: Select Wi-Fi networks that are mobile hotspots. You can restrict apps from using these networks, and you can configure apps to warn you before using these networks for large downloads.