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Camera Overview

The camera's viewfinder screen lets you view your subject and access camera controls and options.

screenshot of camera viewfinder with callouts

  • camera beauty face icon Portrait: Adjust skin tone of faces.
  • gallery app icon Gallery: View your picture or video in the Gallery application.
  • capture recording icon Capture picture: Take a picture.
  • recording icon Record video: Begin recording video.
  • camera modes and effects icons Camera, Modes, or Effects: Swipe right to change the shooting mode. Swipe left to add an effects filter.
  • switch cameras icon Switch cameras: Switch between the rear camera and the front camera.
  • camera flash icon Flash: Activate or deactivate the flash. Toggle through flash options—on, auto, or off (rear camera only).
  • settings options icon Camera settings: Opens the camera settings menu and lets you change additional camera settings. See Camera Settings.