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Calendar Settings

Configure settings for your phone’s Calendar app.

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Calendar calendar icon.
  • The Calendar app opens.
  1. Tap More options options icon > Settings to configure these options:
  • First day of week: Choose a day to start each calendar week.
  • Show week numbers: Enable or disable display of week numbers on the calendar.
  • Hide declined events: When enabled, events for which you declined the invitation are not shown on the calendar.
  • 7-day weather forecast: When enabled, weather information from displays on the calendar.
  • Notifications:
  • Notification sound: Choose a sound for calendar event notifications.
  • Vibrate when sound plays: Enable or disable vibration, to play for calendar event notifications.
  • Set default reminders: Set default reminders for Events and All-day events.
  • Lock time zone: When enabled, event times will be locked to the time zone you select. Times and dates will not change, even if you travel to another time zone.
  • About Calendar: View information about the Calendar app.

Note: If Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync doesn’t appear under the Accounts heading in the Settings menu, you do not have an Exchange ActiveSync account configured on the phone. For information about adding an account, see Add an Exchange ActiveSync Account.