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Access Your Voicemail Internationally

You will need to call your voicemail number to access your voicemail while roaming internationally.

New Message Indicators

Your voicemail message indicators may be displayed differently when roaming internationally.

  • A “Message Waiting” indicator icon or a text message is displayed when a voicemail message is received.
  • You may see “Missed Call” on your screen prior to receiving a message notification.
  • You must call voicemail in order to retrieve messages. Follow the instructions on the previous page to store your voicemail number for easy access.

Retrieve Voicemail Messages

The voicemail retrieval process while traveling is the same as on the Sprint Network; however, you will be required to enter your voicemail passcode.

To retrieve your voicemail messages:

  1. From home, tap Apps apps icon > Contacts contacts icon.
  2. Tap the voicemail entry and then tap the number to call it.
  • Your phone dials your voicemail number.
  1. When your voicemail answers, tap Star (star key), enter the passcode, and then tap # (pound key) to access your voicemail.
  • Your voicemail box is accessed.