With the VuTalk feature, you can make more interactive and creative notes with the other party. Visual communication is possible while sharing a photo, a map or cam preview.

Notes: Only available with the phone which has this feature as well.

During a voice call, you can use VuTalk only when connected to the 4G data network or WI-FI.

If there's no drawing or input for a while, the screen can be locked.

Requires data connection. Data charge will apply to both phones.

Register VuTalk Before Use

  1. Press home key > apps > contacts Contacts.
  1. Tap VuTalk.

Note: You can also register VuTalk service while you are in a call.

VuTalk screen   VuTalk contacts

  1. Tap the checkmark boxes to agree to VuTalk terms and conditions and VuTalk privacy policy and tap OK to confirm.

VuTalk Settings

  1. Press home key > apps > contacts Contacts.
  1. Tap menu > VuTalk settings.
  2. Tap the VuTalk switch on/off switch to turn it off or on.
  3. Set the following options as as your preferences.

Communicate Visually with VuTalk

  1. Press home key > apps > contacts Contacts.
  1. Tap VuTalk contacts to display only the contacts who use the VuTalk feature.
  2. Tap a contact to start VuTalk with.

    VuTalk contact screen
  3. In the contact's details screen, tap VuTalk.

    After the other party accepts your VuTalk reqest, you can start VuTalk with him/her.
  1. Tap attachment to attach a photo, take a new photo, map view, or a sticker.

    VuTalk photo
  2. When you finish VuTalk, tap VuTalk end or back to exit the VuTalk feature.
    The created VuTalk screen is stored in the Gallery.

Note: If you press home key and go back to the home screen, the VuTalk feature is still running.