Sprint Applications

You can access a wide variety of Sprint applications in many different categories with your phone and data service. Currently, various applications, such as NASCAR, Sprint NBA Mobile, Scout™ by Telenav, Sprint Music Plus, and Sprint TV are available when you download them from Play Store or Sprint Zone.

Note: Some Sprint data applications may not work with a Wi-Fi connection present. If prompted, disable your phone's Wi-Fi feature while using these applications.

Download Sprint ID Packs

Note: Once you download and install one of the Sprint ID packs, various Sprint applications will appear on your Applications screen. When you switch from the Sprint pack to another ID pack, or choose a new ID pack, the Sprint applications will remain installed and visible on your Applications screen.

To download and install Sprint apps:

  1. Tap Home key > Main Apps icon > [application name]. The application will then be downloaded.
  1. Follow the instructions to customize your application (such as selecting a favorite team or driver) or tap Menu key to explore your options.

Note: Important Privacy Message – Sprint’s policies often do not apply to third-party applications. Third-party applications may access your personal information or require Sprint to disclose your customer information to the third-party application provider. To find out how a third-party application will collect, access, use, or disclose your personal information, check the application provider’s policies, which can usually be found on their website. If you aren’t comfortable with the third-party application’s policies, don’t use the application.

Sprint Zone

NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile

NBA Game Time