Call Logs

The Call Logs tab of the phone application lists all recent incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. It offers a convenient way to redial a number, return a call, or add a number to your Contacts.

Open the Call Logs

Calls are listed in the Call logs tab, the most recent calls are located at the top of the list. Scroll down to see older entries.

Note: Call logs record only calls that occur while the phone is turned on. If a call is received while your phone is turned off, it will not be included in the call logs. If you return a call from the voicemail menu, it will not be included in your phone’s Call logs.

Call Logs Options

Tap an entry to view the date and time of the call and call duration. The following options are available:

If several calls were made to one number or received by one number, the calls are displayed as one entry. When you tap this entry, the individual call logs are opened.

Call log options diagram

You can also touch and hold the entry to open a menu with more options, to communicate with that contact in other ways.

Make a Call From Call Logs

Save a Number From the Call Logs

  1. Touch and hold an entry and tap Add to Contacts.
  1. Tap Create new contact.

    – or –

    Search for an existing contact name and tap an existing contact to add the new number to that existing contact.
  1. Enter as much information as you want. (For more information about creating and editing contacts, see Get Started with Contacts.).

Note: You cannot save phone numbers already in your Contacts or from calls identified as No ID or Restricted.

Prepend a Number From the Call Logs

If you need to make a call from the Call logs and you are outside your local area code, you can add the appropriate prefix by prepending the number.

  1. Touch and hold an entry and tap Edit number before call.
  1. Tap the area immediately to the left of the phone number and enter the prefix.
  1. Tap Call log call icon to call the number.

    – or –

    Tap Menu key > Add to Contacts > Create new contact to save the amended number in your Contacts.

Clear the Call Logs

  1. From the Call logs, tap Menu key > Delete all.
  1. If you are certain you want to clear the Call logs, tap OK.

    – or –

    Tap Cancel.