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Take Pictures and Record Videos

The following topics teach you how to take pictures and record videos with your phone’s camera.

Note: If you have a microSD card installed, pictures and videos can be stored to the microSD card. If no card is installed, pictures and videos are saved to your phone’s memory.

Capturing Pictures/Videos

  • File Format for Pictures: File format for pictures is JPEG.
  • File Format for Videos: File format for videos is MPEG4.

Camera Cautions

If the Lens Becomes Dirty: Fingerprints/smudges on the lens prevent the capturing of clear still images/videos. Wipe the lens with a soft cloth beforehand.

Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight: Be careful not to expose the lens to direct sunlight for long periods. It may discolor the color filter and affect image colors.

Flash Warning

Do not shine the flash close to your eyes. Do not look directly at the flash when shining it. Do not shine the flash at other people's eyes as it may affect eyesight, etc.

See the following topics for more information.