Take Pictures

You can take high-resolution pictures using your phone’s camera.

  1. Tap home key > Camera camera app icon.
  2. Frame your subject on the screen.

Note: You can fix the current exposure level and focus position by touching and holding the screen in the AUTO mode. To turn the feature (AE/AF lock) off, tap a blank area on the screen.

  1. Tap take picture icon. Your picture will be automatically saved to the Gallery.

Note: When the screen is turned off or locked, start the camera by pressing the Volume Down (-) key twice. To use this, make sure the feature is turned on in Settings.
Tap home key > Settings settings app icon > General tab > Shortcut keys and turn on the switch.

Quick Share

After taking a picture or recording a video, you can immediately share it on the Camera.

  1. Take a picture or record a video.
  2. Tap the Quick Share icon that appears on the viewfinder to share via the displayed app.

    – or –

    Swipe the Quick Share icon towards the center of the screen to choose another sharing app.

    illustration of quick share

Switching between Cameras

You can switch between the front and rear cameras to suit your environment.

On the camera screen, tap swap lens icon or swipe the screen in any direction to switch between the front and rear cameras.

illustration of switching cameras

Note: Use the front camera to take selfies. See Selfie Shot for details.

Selfie Shot

You can use the front camera to view your face on the screen and take selfies.

Gesture Shot

You can take selfies by using gestures.

  • Show your palm to the front camera and then clench your fist. You can also clench your fist and then open it towards the front camera.
  • In three seconds, a photo is taken.

    illustration of gesture shot

Note: To use this function, make sure that Gesture shot is selected under camera Settings.

Note: Make sure that your palm and fist are within the reference line so that the camera can detect them.

Interval Shot

You can take selfies at an interval.

  • While using the front camera, touch and hold take picture icon. You can also show your palm to the camera, then clench your fist twice quickly.
  • Four photos are taken at about two seconds interval after a timer delay of three seconds.

    illustration of interval shot

Auto Shot

You can use the face detection feature to take selfies easily and conveniently. You can set the device so that, when you look at the screen, the front camera detects your face and takes a selfie automatically.

  • The white colored guide frame appears when the front camera detects your face. If the subject within the guide frame stops moving, the guide frame color turns blue, then the camera takes a photo.

    illustration of auto shot

Note: To use this feature, switch to the front camera, then tap the Settings icon camera settings icon > Selfie shot > Auto shot.

Gesture View

After taking a selfie with the front camera, you can preview the selfie immediately by placing the screen close to your face.

illustration of gesture view

Note: Tap camera settings icon > Gesture view to enable the Gesture view feature.

Note: Only one preview is available each time a photo is taken.

Note: If you rotate the device while in preview screen, the screen switches to camera mode.

Save as Flipped Image

Before taking a photo or recording a video with the front camera, tap camera settings icon > Save as flipped. The image is flipped horizontally.