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Studio Mode

With Studio mode, you can play an audio file or music and record your voice at the same time, create a chord by recording your voice multiple times, and record your comments over the presenter's or speaker's original audio file.

Note: Background music can only be played through earphones. Make sure to plug in earphones before using this feature.

  1. Tap home key > Essentials essentials app icon > HD Audio Recorder hd audio recorder app icon.
  2. Tap menu icon > Custom.
  3. Tap select audio icon and select an audio file to use as background music.
  4. Tap select microphone icon to select the microphone to use between Phone and Earphones.
  5. To adjust the following values, move each slide of the following:
  • GAIN: You can adjust the sensitivity of the sound recorded by the microphone. The higher the GAIN value is set, the more sensitively the sound is recorded.
  • LCF: You can filter any low-pitched noises such as the low hum of the air conditioner. The higher the LCF (Low Cut Filter) value is set, the better high-frequency noises are filtered.
  • LMT: It can prevent clipping of the recorded sound. The higher the LMT (Limiter) value is set, the more low frequency sounds that will not get clipped.
  1. Tap begin audio recording icon to record audio.
  2. Tap record stop icon to save the recorded file.
  • You can monitor sound quality with the connected earpiece while recording an audio. While recording an audio in Studio mode, the sound monitoring is not supported. You can hear only the background music.