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Sound Settings

In the Sound settings menu, you can configure call and notification ringtones, audio volume, as well as some related settings.

Access Sound Settings

  1. Tap home key > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Sound tab.
  3. Set your sound options.
  • Your sound settings are saved and applied.

Sound Settings Overview

The sound settings menu allows you to configure the following options:



Sound profile

Set your phone's sound profile.


Adjust your phone's volume settings to suit your needs and your environment.


Set ringtones to alert you of incoming calls.

Ringtone ID

Set incoming calls with ringtones composed automatically from their phone number.

Vibration strength

Set the vibration strength for calls, notifications, and touch feedback.

Sound with vibration

Set the phone to vibrate accompanying the ringtone.

Vibrate type

Set a vibrate type.

Do not disturb

Set a schedule when to prevent interruptions from notifications.

Lock screen

Choose if you want to show or hide notifications on the lock screen.


Prevent apps from displaying notifications or set apps to show notifications with priority.


Adjust additional sound settings such as Notification sound, Vibrate on tap, and Sound effects.

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