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Preinstalled Apps

The following table outlines the primary apps that have been preinstalled on your phone.



calendar app icon Calendar

Launch the Calendar app. See Calendar.

camera app icon Camera

Take pictures and record videos using the front and rear cameras. See Camera Overview.

chrome app icon Chrome

Browse the Internet. See Chrome Browser.

contacts app icon Contacts

Displays the Contacts that can be synchronized with your phone from either your Google or Outlook account. Contacts can only be synched to a managed account. See Add Contacts.

email app icon Email

Launch the Email app. See Email.

emergency alert app icon Emergency Alert

Provides access to your emergency messages and its settings.

essentials app icon Essentials

Access essential apps such as Contacts, QuickMemo+, Clock, Tasks, Music, Calculator, LG Health, and HD Audio Recorder.

gallery app icon Gallery

Displays a Gallery of camera images and video saved on your phone. See View Pictures and Videos Using Gallery.

google folder icon Google

Access the Google applications.

management app icon Management

Access power and storage space management apps.

messenger app icon Messenger

Provides access to your text and multimedia messages. See Messenger.

phone app icon Phone

Access the dial pad to make calls. See Call Using the Phone Dialer.

play store app icon Play Store

Browse, search for, and download applications from the Google Play Store app. See Google Play Store.

quick help app icon Quick Help

Allows you to view help information about the device and FAQ.

settings app icon Settings

Access the phone’s settings menu. See Basic Settings.

sprint zone app icon Sprint Zone

Access your Sprint account, get device information and help, find recommended apps, and more. See Sprint Zone.

square camera app icon Square Camera

Launch Square Camera to take multiple photos or videos in the form of a collage using the front and rear cameras. See Square Mode.

voicemail app icon Voicemail

Use Visual Voicemail for a quick and easy way to access your voicemail. Now you can find exactly the message you are looking for without having to listen to every voicemail message first. See Voicemail.