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Precautions for Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition accuracy may decrease due to a number of reasons. To maximize the recognition accuracy, check the following before using the device:

  • The device’s Power/Lock key has a fingerprint sensor. Ensure that the Power/Lock key is not damaged by a metallic object, such as coin or key.
  • When water, dust or another foreign substance is on the Power/Lock key or your finger, the fingerprint registration or recognition may not work. Clean and dry your finger before having the fingerprint recognized.
  • A fingerprint may not be recognized properly if the surface of your finger has a scar or is not smooth due to being soaked in water.
  • If you bend your finger or use the fingertip only, your fingerprint may not be recognized. Make sure that your finger covers the entire surface of the Power/Lock key.
  • Scan only one finger for each registration. Scanning more than one finger may affect fingerprint registration and recognition.
  • The device may generate static electricity if the surrounding air is dry. If the surrounding air is dry, avoid scanning fingerprints, or touching a metallic object such as coin or key before scanning fingerprints to remove static electricity.