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HD Audio Recorder

The HD Audio Recorder app records audible files. Use them to simply remind you about something you don’t want to forget (like a grocery list), record sound effects that you can attach to a message, or even record your voice over background audio (such as music or a speech).

You can preset recording options or manually configure specific audio settings so that you can record audio optimized for the selected mode.

  1. Tap home key > Essentials essentials app icon > HD Audio Recorder hd audio recorder app icon.
  2. Tap menu icon to select the recording mode.
  • Normal: You can record audio without extra settings.
  • Concert: You can record audio in a concert or other music events.
  • Custom: You can configure the desired settings to record audio.

Note: When you connect an earphone to the device, the Select mic icon select microphone icon appears. Tap the Select mic icon select microphone icon and then select the microphone to use.

  1. Tap options icon > Settings to customize the file type, bit depth, sampling rate and other settings.
  2. Tap begin audio recording icon to record audio.
  3. Tap record stop icon to save the recorded file.

See Studio Mode for more information.