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General Settings

The following topics detail your phone's general settings, including Language & keyboard, Location, Accounts & sync, and more.

Access General Settings

  1. Tap home key > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap General tab.
  3. Set your general options.
  • Your general settings are saved and applied.

General Settings Overview

You can set the following options in the General settings menu:



Language & keyboard

Set the language and keyboard type.


Enable location service.

Accounts & sync

Manage and sync your accounts.


Register a cloud account and view content saved on your cloud from the device.


Configure any accessibility plug-ins you have installed on your phone.

Shortcut keys

Select whether to enable shortcut keys feature using the Volume keys.

Google services

Use Google Settings to manage your Google apps and account settings.

Fingerprints & security

Use the Fingerprints & security settings to help secure your phone and its data.

Smart settings

Set to change your device settings according to the usage pattern and location.

Date & time

Set your preferences for how the date and time is displayed. You can also select a time zone.


Monitor the used and available internal memory and SD card (if available). You can also mount/unmount the SD card and erase its contents.

Battery & power saving

Show any battery information and configure options.


Monitor the memory used on average and the memory used by apps in the device.

Smart cleaning

Clean up temporary files or apps that are no longer used to free up storage space.

System updates

From time to time, updates may become available for your phone. You can download and apply updates through the Settings menu.


View details about the applications installed on your phone, manage their data, force them to stop, and set whether you want to permit installation of applications that you obtain from websites and email.

Tap & pay

Make payments with your device instead of a credit card.

Backup & reset

Back-up your data, automatically restore data, and erase all the data on your phone.

About phone

Displays information such as the network, battery, hardware, and software.

Regulatory & Safety

View regulatory marks and related information on your device.

See the following topics for more information.