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Fingerprints & Security

Use the Fingerprints & security settings to help secure your phone and its data.

  • Tap home key > Settings settings app icon > General tab > Fingerprints & security.


Use your fingerprint to unlock the screen or content.

Content Lock

Select lock types to lock files in the QuickMemo+ app.

Encrypt SD Card

Encrypt SD card storage and keep data unavailable for other devices.

Secure Start-up

When you power on your device, you will be required to enter your screen lock.

Make Passwords Visible

Enable to briefly show each character of passwords as you enter them so that you can see what you enter.

Phone Administrators

Allows you to view or deactivate device administrators.

Unknown Sources

Allows installation of non-Play Store applications.

Credential Protection

Displays the storage type for credentials.

Certificate Management

Allows you to manage the certificate.

Trust Agents

View or deactivate Trust agents.

Screen Pin

This feature allows you to lock your device so that the current user can only access the pinned app. This is useful for users with children.

Usage Access

Allows you to set access to App usage.