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Edit Contacts

Once you’ve added a contact, you can add or edit any of the information in the entry, assign a caller ID picture, customize with a unique ringtone, and more.

  1. Tap home key > Essentials essentials app icon > Contacts contacts app icon.
  • You will see the Contacts list.
  1. Tap the contact to view its details.
  • The contact’s detailed listing appears.
  1. Tap Edit edit event icon.
  2. Tap any field you want to change or add. See Add Contacts.
  3. Add or edit the information, and then tap SAVE.
  • Your changes are saved to the contact entry.

Note: To select a type (label) for a phone number, email address, or postal address (such as Mobile, Home, Work, etc.), tap the type next to the field and select the appropriate type.

Note: To add more phone numbers, email addresses, etc., tap add contact field icon Add phone or add contact field icon Add email.