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Display Settings

Adjusting your phone's display settings not only helps you see what you want, it can also help increase battery life.

Access Display Settings

  1. Tap home key > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Display tab.
  3. Set your display options.
  • Your display settings are saved and applied.

Display Settings Overview

The display settings menu allows you to configure the following options:



Home screen

Configure your phone's home screen settings.

Lock screen

Configure your phone's lock screen settings.


Choose the desired theme.

Home touch buttons

Configure options for your home touch buttons.

Font type

Choose the desired font type.

Font size

Choose the desired font size.

Bold text

Choose whether the phone displays bold text.

App scaling

Adjust the screen size of downloaded apps.

Display size

Set the size for the items and text viewed on screens without zoom capability.

Comfort view

Set to reduce the amount of blue light on screen to reduce eye strain.


Adjust your screen’s contrast (brightness) to suit your surroundings.

Always-on display

Turn on to always display information, such as the date, time and notifications, even when the screen is turned off.

Auto-rotate screen

Choose whether the phone automatically switches the orientation of the screen as you turn it sideways or even upside down.

Screen timeout

Select how long the display screen remains backlit after you touch the screen or press a key before the screen darkens.


Adjust additional display settings such as KnockON and Screen saver.

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