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Configure Visual Voicemail Settings

The Visual Voicemail settings menu lets you access settings for notifications, pictures, greetings, and more.

  1. Tap home key > Voicemail voicemail app icon.
  2. Tap voicemail options icon > Settings and select from the following:
  • Avatar
  • Disable Avatar to disable Avatar compose features and content store.
  • Avatar Facebook ad signature to enable avatar advertising signature when posting on Facebook.
  • SMS delivery to allow sending SMS message to recipients who do not have Avatar capability.
  • Display
  • Themes to choose the type of theme used for the application.
  • Display name to enter a name to identify yourself to people when replying or forwarding messages.
  • Help/Info to see the visual voicemail help.
  • Preferences
  • Manage subscription to subscribe and unsubscribe from the visual voicemail premium monthly subscription service. This may take a minute.
  • Data consent agreement to agree or disagree to send speech data to assist with the quality of the voicemail feature.
  • Auto forward to email to send a copy of new messages to an email address of your choice.
  • Personalize voicemail to change your voicemail greeting for incoming calls and update password.
  • Transcription language to choose the transcription language (if available).
  • Delete messages to set Visual Voicemail to permanently delete messages from the Trash folder after a specific number of days.
  • Transcriptions displayed to transcribe Voicemails from voice to text.
  • Enable/Disable free trials to opt in or out of future free trials.
  • SMS delivery of voice message to allow voice message delivery via SMS to recipients who do not always have VoiceSMS capability.
  • Sound
  • Notifications to determine how you are notified of new voicemails. Set the notification sound and vibrate option.
  • Speakerphone to automatically turn the speaker on or off.
  • Updates to search for an upgrade to your Visual message software.
  • About Voicemail to view build information about the current visual voicemail application.

Change Your Main Greeting via the Voicemail Menu

Your main greeting can be changed directly via the Visual Voicemail system. This direct access saves you from having to navigate within the voicemail menu.

  1. Tap home key > Voicemail voicemail app icon.
  2. Tap voicemail options icon > Settings > Preferences > Personalize voicemail.
  3. Tap OK to connect to the voicemail system. Follow the prompts to change your current greeting.

Edit the Display Name via the Voicemail Menu

From your Visual Voicemail menu, you can quickly change the name or number attached to your voice messages.

  1. Tap home key > Voicemail voicemail app icon.
  2. Tap voicemail options icon > Settings > Display > Display name.
  3. Tap the existing identification field and enter a new identifying name or number (used to identify you to recipients of your voice messages).
  4. Tap OK to save your information.