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Complete the Setup Screens

The setup screens help you set up certain features and preferences on your phone. Once your phone has been turned on, you will see a Welcome message. You can then complete the setup process.

Note: You may be able to complete the setup screens before your phone has been activated on your account.

  1. On the configuration screen, touch NEXT to get started.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete each section. For each topic, you will have the option to skip it and continue to the next screen.
  • Language Selection - Select a desired language.
  • Set internet connection - If prompted, follow the prompts to sign in to an available Wi-Fi® network. For secured Wi-Fi networks, you will need to enter a password. See Wi-Fi for more details.
  • Set up your LG-LS993 - You can choose to restore a backup or copy from a device or set up as a new device.
  • Google Account - Sign in or set up a Google Account.
  • Google services - Read all of the information for the available Google Services and, if you agree, tap NEXT. Otherwise, uncheck the options and tap NEXT.
  • Help apps find your location - Helps apps determine location. This means sending anonymous location to Google, even when no apps are running. Tap Learn more for additional information.
  • Improve location accuracy - Allows apps and services to scan for Wi-Fi networks even when Wi-Fi is off.
  • Help improve your Android experience - Allows your device to send diagnostic and usage data to Google automatically. Tap Learn more for additional information.
  • Add your fingerprint - Prevent others from using this phone without your permission by activating device protection features.
  • Legal documents - Read all of the information about legal documents.
  • EULA (End-User License Agreement) - Read the End-User License Agreement and tap the I agree check box if you agree to the terms.
  • Low power location estimation - Read the Low power location estimation information and tap the I agree check box if you agree to the terms.
  1. Tap DONE. Your setup is now complete. Follow the onscreen instructions to learn about basic touch menu navigation, view tutorials, or just get started.