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Camera Overview

The camera's viewfinder screen lets you view your subject and access camera controls and options.

screenshot of camera viewfinder with callouts

  • auto icon Camera mode to select the camera mode from AUTO, SQUARE, MANUAL (Camera), or MANUAL (Camcorder).
  • flash icon Flash to turn the flash On, Off or set it to Auto.
  • swap lens icon Swap camera to swap between the rear camera lens and the front camera lens.
  • film effects icon Film filter effect to apply film effects to your pictures.
  • camera mode icon Mode to select the mode from: Auto, Panorama, 360 Panorama, Food, Popout, Snap, Slo-mo, Time-lapse.
  • camera settings icon Settings to adjust the following camera and video settings. See Camera Settings.

Learn More About Your Phone's Camera

For an overview of your phone's camera and its features, you can access more information through the phone's settings menu.

  1. Tap home key > Camera camera app icon.
  • The camera viewfinder appears.
  1. Tap camera settings icon > Help, and scroll through the topics to learn more.