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Call Using the Phone Dialer

The most "traditional" way to place a call is by using the phone's dialer screen.

  1. Tap home key > Phone phone app icon > Dial tab.

    screenshot of phone dialpad
  2. Enter a phone number using the on-screen dialpad and tap dialpad call icon.
  • If you enter a wrong number, tap dialpad delete icon to erase digits one by one.
  • To erase the entire number, touch and hold dialpad delete icon.
  • You can open other applications during a call. The phone app icon will appear in the status bar while the call is underway.
  • Press the Volume Up/Down keys to adjust the call volume.
  • Use the on-screen buttons to add another call, put a call on hold, to use the speakerphone, and for other options, as described in In-Call Screen Layout and Operations.
  1. Tap end call key to end the call.

Tip: To redial your last outgoing call, follow step 1 to access the Dialer, tap the Call logs tab, locate the call entry and tap place call icon.

You can also make calls from your Contacts list and from the Call logs.