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Basic Settings

Your phone's settings menu provides access to all your phone settings, from connections, display, and sounds, to accounts, applications, and more.

Access Settings

  1. Tap home key > Settings settings app icon.
  • The settings menu opens.
  1. Select categories and then select your settings options.

Tip: You can also access settings from the notification panel. Pull down the status bar and tap Settings settings key.

Access Networks Settings

  1. Tap home key > Settings settings app icon.
  2. Tap Networks tab.
  3. Set your networks options.
  • Your networks settings are saved and applied.

Networks Settings Overview

The network settings menu allows you to configure the following options:



Airplane mode

Turn on or off wireless connections.

Wi-Fi Calling

Set up Wi-Fi Calling and enable/disable it.


Enable and set Wi-Fi options.


Enable Bluetooth connections.

Mobile data

Check your phone’s mobile data.


Set various call settings.

Share & connect

Share data and media with other devices.


Share your mobile device's Internet connection.


Adjust additional network settings.