Answer Phone Calls

The following information lets you know how to answer incoming calls, mute the ringer on incoming calls, reject incoming calls, and more.

When you receive a phone call from a contact, the Incoming call screen appears and displays the caller ID icon, name, and phone number of the calling party. When you receive a phone call from someone who is not stored in your contacts, only the default caller ID icon and phone number appear on the Incoming call screen.

Note: If your phone is turned off, all calls automatically go to voicemail.

Answer an Incoming Call

  1. When a call arrives, drag dialpad call icon in any direction to answer it.
  2. To end the call, tap end call key.

Mute the Ringing Sound

To mute the ringer without rejecting the call, you can do any of the following:

  • Press the Volume Down key.
  • Place the phone face down on a level surface.

Reject an Incoming Call

  • When a call arrives, drag end call key in any direction to reject it.
  • The ringtone or vibration will stop and call will be sent directly to voicemail.

Reject a Call and Send a Text Message

You can reject an incoming call and automatically send a text message to the caller.

  1. When a call arrives, slide Decline with message up from the bottom of the screen.
  • The ringtone or vibration will stop and you will see a list of preset text messages.
  1. Tap one of the messages to send it to the caller.
  • The selected message will be delivered to the caller.
  • You can edit the reject messages through the Call settings menu. From the phone app, tap options icon > Call settings > Call blocking & Decline with message > Decline with message and edit or create the reject messages.