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About Phone

The About Phone menu displays information such as the network, battery, hardware, and software.

  1. Tap home key > Settings settings app icon > General tab > About phone.
  2. Tap the desired menu.

About Phone Overview

The following About Phone items may be reviewed or set:

About Phone Item


Phone name

Change the name of your device.

Update center

Check updates for apps provided by LG Electronics.


Check network information such as the signal power, IP address and etc.


Check your phone's status such as your phone number, MEID/IMEI and etc.


Check your battery status, level and usage.

Hardware info

Check your hardware information such as the model number, hardware version and etc.

Software info

Check your software information such as the Android version, software version and etc.

Legal info

Review various types of important legal information for LG software, open source licenses, Google and etc.

Patent information

Check patent information for this model.