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The Capture+ feature allows you to create memos and capture screen shots. You can use Capture+ to easily and efficiently create memos during a call, with a saved picture or from most phone screens.

  1. While viewing the screen you want to capture and create a memo on, slide the Status Bar down and tap capture notification icon.

    illustration of capture notification icon
  1. Create a memo using the following options:
  • undo icon: Tap to undo the most recent action.
  • redo icon: Tap to redo the most recently undone action.
  • text icon: Tap to add typed text to the memo.
  • notations icon: Tap to add freehand notations to the memo.
  • eraser icon: Tap to use the eraser on the drawing you've added to the memo.
  • crop memo icon: Tap to crop the memo.
  • save icon: Tap to save the current memo.
  • options icon: Tap to share the memo or change the background paper style.

Note: Please use a fingertip while using the Capture+ feature. Do not use your fingernail.

  1. Tap save icon to save the current memo.
  2. Tap QuickMemo+ or Gallery to select where to save the note.

Discard the current Capture+:

  • Tap back key until you exit Capture+.

View the Saved Memo

Your memo can be saved in the QuickMemo+ application or in the Gallery application.

To view the memo saved in QuickMemo+:

  • Tap home key > LG lg app icon > QuickMemo+ quickmemo app icon and select the memo.

To view the memo saved in your Gallery:

  • Tap home key > Gallery gallery app icon and select the Capture+ album.