Status Bar

The Status Bar appears at the top of the screen. It displays icons indicating that you’ve received notifications (on the left) and icons indicating the phone’s status (on the right), along with the current time.

If you have more notifications than can fit in the Status Bar, the more notifications icon icon prompts you to open the Status Bar to view them all. (See Notifications Panel.)

The following list identifies the symbols you’ll see on your phone's display screen:

Status Icons

status bar icon

Icon Description

full signal icon

Signal Strength – Shows your current signal strength (the more bars there are, the stronger the signal is).

no service icon

No Service – Your phone cannot find a usable signal.

4G connected icon

4G Connected – Indicates that 4G data service is available.

4G in use icon

4G In Use – Indicates that 4G data service is in use.

3G connected icon

3G/1x Connected Indicates that 3G/1x data service is available.

3G in use icon

3G/1x In Use Indicates that 3G/1x data service is in use.

safety wi-fi icon

Wi-Fi Connected – Indicates that Wi-Fi is in use.

data bluetooth icon

Bluetooth On – Indicates that Bluetooth is on.

gps on icon

GPS On – Indicates that GPS is on.

gps acquiring icon

GPS Communicating – Indicates that the phone is receiving location data from GPS.

CDMA roaming icon

Roaming – Your phone is roaming off the Nationwide Sprint Network.

roaming icon

CDMA RoamingIndicates that phone is roaming.

flightmode icon

Airplane Mode – Indicates that the phone is in Airplane Mode.

speakerphone icon

Speakerphone On – Indicates that Speakerphone is on.

ringer vibrate icon

Vibrate Mode – Indicates that the ringer volume is set to vibrate and any sounds are silenced.

ringer silent icon

Ringer Silenced – Indicates that all sounds are turned off.

very low battery icon

Very Low Battery – Indicates that battery is very low.

low battery icon

Low Battery – Indicates that battery is low.

battery drained icon

Battery Drained (40%) – Indicates that battery is partially drained.

battery full icon

Battery Full – Shows your current battery charge level. (Icon shown is fully charged.)

battery charging icon

Battery Charging – Indicates that battery is charging.

alarm icon

Alarm Clock – Indicates that an alarm is set.

NFC icon

NFC ActivatedIndicates that NFC is activated.


Notification Icons

status bar notifications icon

Icon Description

new gmail icon

New Gmail Message – Indicates a new Gmail message.

new email received icon

New Email – Indicates a new Email message.

new text message received icon

New Text or Multimedia Message – Indicates you have received a new text or multimedia message.

delivery problem icon

Problem With Text Or Multimedia Message Delivery – Indicates a text or multimedia message is undeliverable.

urgent text icon

Urgent Text or Multimedia Message – Indicates you have received an urgent text or multimedia message.

new voicemail received icon

New Voicemail – Indicates you have received a new voicemail message.

upcoming event icon

Upcoming Event – Alerts you to an upcoming event.

data is syncing icon

Data Is Syncing – Application sync is active and synchronization is in progress for Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts.

problem with signal icon

Problem With Sign-In Or Sync – There has been an issue with your connection to the Google server, or you were not properly signed into your account. In order to use Google application or sync features, you must set up and sign into an active Google Account.

disk full icon

Full Internal Storage – Indicates that internal storage is full.

wi-fi direct icon

Wi-Fi Direct – Indicates that Wi-Fi Direct is turned on.

data usb icon

USB Connected – The phone has detected an active USB connection.

more notifications icon

More Notifications Not Displayed – Indicates that there are more notifications which are not displayed in the Status Bar.

phone call icon

Call In Progress – Indicates that a call is in progress.

phone call bluetooth icon

Call In Progress Using Bluetooth Headset – Indicates that a call is in progress using the Bluetooth headset.

phone call forward icon

Call Being Forwarded – Indicates that a call is being forwarded.

phone call on hold icon

Call On Hold – Indicates that a call is on hold.

missed call icon

Missed Call – Indicates that you have missed calls.

uploading icon

Uploading Data – Indicates that your phone is uploading data.

download finished icon

Downloading Data – Indicates that your phone is downloading data.

play store download finished icon

Download Finished – Indicates that a download is complete.

VPN connected icon

Connected To VPN – Indicates that the phone is connected to a Virtual Private Network.

VPN disconnected icon

Disconnected From VPN – Indicates that the phone is disconnected from the Virtual Private Network.

music playing icon

Song Is Playing – Indicates that a song is playing.

throttled icon

Carrier dataData use threshold approaching or exceeded.

tty mode icon

TTY – Indicates that your phone is operating in TTY mode.

tethering and hotspot icon

Hotspot Active – Indicates that Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is active.