Send a Gmail Message

You can compose and send a message to people or groups with Gmail addresses or other email addresses.

  1. Tap home key > apps icon > gmail app icon Gmail.
  1. Tap new gmail message icon.

Note: This will start the message from your default Gmail account. To send it from another account, tap the account name at the top left corner of the Inbox, then tap the account you want to use.

  1. Enter a recipient's address. As you enter text, matching addresses are displayed from your Contact list. You can tap a suggested address or continue entering text to enter a new one.
  1. Tap menu key > Add Cc/Bcc to copy (normal or blind status) recipients, if necessary.
  1. Enter a subject for the message in the Subject field.
  1. Continue into the next field to compose your email message.
  1. Tap menu key > Attach file to add an attachment to the email.
  1. Tap gmail send icon to send the email.

    – or –

    If you're not ready to send the message, tap menu key > Save draft instead. You can read your drafts by opening messages with the Drafts label.

    – or –

    Tap menu key > Discard to erase the message (including any saved drafts).

Note: If you aren't connected to a network - for example, if you’re working in Airplane mode - the messages that you send are stored on your phone, with the Outbox label until you connect to a network again.