Notifications Panel

Notification icons report the arrival of new messages, calendar events, alarms, as well as ongoing events, such as when you are on a call.

When you receive a notification, text appears briefly and the notification icon will be displayed in the Status Bar. For descriptions of the various notification icons, see Status Bar.

You can open the Notifications Panel to view a list of all recent notifications. Depending on your settings, you may hear a notification sound and the phone may vibrate.

Note: Adjusting sound volume and other general notifications settings is described in Sound Settings.

Applications whose activities produce notifications, such as Gmail and Google Hangouts™, have their own settings, which you can use to configure whether, and how, they send notifications. See the sections on those applications for details.

Open Notifications

The Notifications Panel displays the Quick Settings and a list of your current notifications, organized into ongoing and event-based notifications.

Respond to Notifications

  1. Open the Notifications Panel. Your current notifications are listed in the panel, each with a brief description.
  1. Tap a notification to view it. The Notifications Panel will close and the application that corresponds to your response will open.

For example, new voicemail notifications dial your voicemail box, and network disconnect notifications open the list of configured networks so you can reconnect.

Clear Notifications

  1. Open the Notifications Panel.
  1. Tap clear notifications icon at the top right of the panel.

All event-based notifications will be cleared; ongoing notifications will remain in the list.

Close Notifications