Language & Input Settings

Your phone's Language & input settings let you select a language for the devices screens and menus, as well as manage a personal user dictionary. The Keyboard settings let you select a preferred input method, control keyboard settings, and more.


You can choose to display your device's on-screen menus in multiple languages.

  1. Tap home key > menu key > System settings > Language & input > Language.
  1. Select a language from the list.

Spelling Correction

Allows spelling correction when using the on-screen keyboard.

Personal Dictionary

Allows you to view, edit, and add words to your personal dictionary.

Keyboard & Input Methods

Shows the default keyboard type. Checkmark the keyboard you want to use from Android Keyboard, LG Keyboard, Google voice typing, or Swype. Tap bluetooth setting icon to configure each keyboard’s settings.

Voice Search

Tap to configure the Voice Search settings.

Text-to-Speech Output

Tap to set the preferred engine or general settings for text-to-speech output.

Pointer Speed

Adjust the pointer speed.