Turn Wi-Fi On and Connect to a Wireless Network

Use the wireless & networks setting menu to enable your phone’s Wi-Fi radio and connect to an available Wi-Fi network.

  1. Touch Home Home key icon > Menu > System settings.
  2. If Off is displayed at the right of Wi-Fi, Touch it to turn Wi-Fi on. On is displayed and the phone will scan for available wireless networks.
  3. Touch Wi-Fi. The network names and security settings (open network or secured with WEP/WPA/WPA2 PSK) of detected Wi-Fi networks are displayed.
  4. Touch a Wi-Fi network to connect. If you selected an open network, you will be automatically connected to the network. If you selected a network that is secured, enter the key, and then touch Connect.

Depending on the network type and its security settings, you may also need to enter more information or choose a security certificate.

When your phone is connected to a wireless network, the Wi-Fi icon (Wi-Fi signal icon) appears in the status bar and tells you the approximate signal strength. (The above icon indicates maximum signal strength.)

If Network notification is enabled, this icon (Available Wi-Fi network detected icon) appears in the status bar whenever the phone detects an available open wireless network within range. Touch Menu > Advanced, and check Network notification.

Note: The next time your phone connects to a previously accessed secured wireless network, you will not be prompted to enter the security key again, unless you reset your phone to its factory default settings.

Note: Wi-Fi networks are self-discoverable, which means no additional steps are required for your phone to connect to a Wi-Fi network. It may be necessary to provide a user name and password for certain closed wireless networks.