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Water and Dust Resistant

HTC U11 is water and dust resistant and has an IP57 rating as defined in the International Standard IEC 60529. With the nano SIM/microSD slot cover closed tightly, this phone is water resistant if it is briefly submerged by accident in fresh water less than 1 meter (3.28 feet) deep and no longer than 30 minutes at room temperature.

HTC U11 must not be exposed to non-fresh water, high water pressure, strong or fast-moving water, or sand since these may cause overheating, electric shock, or damage to the phone. Do not attempt to charge or otherwise use the USB port when HTC U11 is wet. Normal wear and tear may decrease the water and dust resistance over time.

Warranty will be void if the phone is not used in accordance with the instructions and precautions addressed in this user guide, including, but not limited to, using the phone in environments or situations that exceed the limitations of the IP57 rating. For usage precautions and tips on care and maintenance, see Care and Maintenance Tips and Cleaning and Drying. Also make sure to read the Important Information Booklet that comes with the phone.