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Update Your Phone

From time to time, updates may become available for your phone. You can download and apply updates through the Settings > System updates menu. Download and install software updates for the latest performance enhancements, bug fixes, and security improvements. HTC U11 can check and notify you if there’s a new update available.

Some app updates are available from HTC or Sprint, and you'll receive notifications on your phone when there are new updates. Or you can install app updates from Google Play. Some HTC apps that are not preloaded in certain phones can also be downloaded from Google Play.

Note: The information in this guide may not be most up-to-date if there are more recent software or app updates available.

Software Update Cautions

During update: The phone cannot be used until the software update is complete. It may take time to update your phone’s software.

Signal during update: Update your phone where signal reception is good, and do not change location during the update process. Make sure the battery is adequately charged before beginning an update. A weak signal or low battery during an update may cause the update to fail. An update failure may disable the phone.

Other functions during update: Other phone functions cannot be used during a software update.

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