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SIM Card

The SIM card is an IC card containing phone number and other customer information.

Handling a SIM Card

Keep the following in mind when handling a SIM card.

  • You are responsible for any damage caused by inserting the SIM card in another-brand IC card reader, etc. Sprint is not responsible in such case.
  • Always keep the IC chip clean.
  • Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Avoid applying labels. May damage SIM card.
  • See instructions included with the SIM card for handling.
  • The SIM card is the property of Sprint.
  • The SIM card is replaceable (at cost) in case of loss/damage.
  • Return the SIM card to Sprint when canceling subscription.
  • Returned SIM cards are recycled for environmental purposes.
  • Note that SIM card specifications and performance may change without notice.
  • It is recommended that you keep a separate copy of information that is stored on the SIM card. Sprint is not responsible for damages from stored information that is lost.
  • Always follow emergency procedures to suspend service if your SIM card or phone (SIM card inserted) is lost or stolen. For details, contact Customer Service.

Nano SIM Card

HTC U11 uses a nano SIM card. The nano SIM card is preinstalled in your HTC U11. If you need to remove or replace the card, refer to the following instructions.

Use a standard nano SIM card. A modified card that is thicker than the standard nano SIM card will not fit properly on the tray and may damage the card slot.

illustration of nano sim card warning

Slot with Card Tray

When inserting the eject tool into the tray eject hole to remove the card tray, do not obstruct the tray to avoid damaging the eject mechanism inside the slot.

illustration of blocking tray

Insert SIM Card

The nano SIM card is preinstalled in your HTC U11. If you need to remove or replace the card, refer to the following instructions.

  1. Hold the phone face up.
  2. Insert the tip of the tray eject tool (included in the box) into the tray eject hole.

    illustration of opening the tray
  3. Push the tip all the way into the hole until the tray ejects, and then pull the tray out.
  4. With your nano SIM card's gold contacts facing down, place the card into the SIM holder of the tray. Make sure to align the cutoff corner to the notch on the holder.

    illustration of inserting the sim card

Note: If you purchased an optional microSD card, place the microsSD card to the SD holder of the tray. For details, see Insert SD Card.

  1. When reinserting the tray, make sure it is facing up so that your cards don't fall out. Hold the tray with the outer card holder between your fingers, and then steadily slide the tray all the way into the slot.

    illustration of replacing the sim card tray
  2. Make sure the tray is fully inserted and doesn't protrude from the slot.

    illustration of closing the tray